Invest in Your People

The success of your business depends on the performance – and fulfillment – of your people. Competitive salaries and benefits are no longer the sole determinants of job selection and retention. Employees demand work environments that enable them to grow both professionally and personally, and help them meet their individual goals. Career entrants and top performers alike expect career planning assistance, continuous feedback, and ongoing mentoring.

In fact, studies increasingly show that an unmet need for mentoring, coaching, and development is a leading reason some of the best managers leave their employers. KRJ Consulting meets this demand for organizations of all types and sizes.

We help your people become committed to improve performance, empowered to effect desired changes, and be prepared for the journey ahead.

Our Services

Our services are tailored to your company’s specific needs, and we give your people the tools and knowledge they need to grow long after our engagement is done.


We deliver specialized modules for employee development on topics such as business essentials, supervisor training, and leadership development.


We conduct single or consecutive sessions with individuals and teams to develop management skills, address performance issues, and guide career planning.


We’ll work with you to design and implement tailored engagements that meet your specific needs regarding employee performance, growth, and retention.

Our Expertise


We help people embrace their role as the leader of their own life and career, and avoid falling into the trap of “nobody told me.”


We help people gain powerful insights about their strengths and weaknesses, and develop action plans for improvement.


We help people more effectively manage their finances to achieve a personal stability that benefits their professional life.


We help people understand and actively manage the energy that they bring into all situations and how to effectively leverage that energy to succeed.


We help people improve the way they interact with peers, subordinates, supervisors, and customers.


We help people improve performance and fulfillment by taking a comprehensive look at not only their professional lives, but their personal, relational, and spiritual lives too.

Unbelievably amazing!
“During my tenure with the City, I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with multiple consultants that offer customer service training. As a result, I was skeptical of a different or better result from the proposed training. I shared my concerns with Karen during our initial meeting and she assured me that KRJC training would provide staff with work and life changing tools. ……. Unbelievably amazing! There are no better words to describe the training experience with Karen. Yes. Karen delivered what she promised and the training was a life changing experience.”
Angela Adams, City of Columbia