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KRJ Consulting: The pace of business – and the complexity of business challenges – have never been greater. In this environment, a key differentiator between thriving and stagnant companies is their leadership’s willingness to seek, embrace, and leverage outside expertise. To benefit from fresh perspectives and innovative approaches, objective insights unburdened by internal biases, and lessons learned and best practices from adjacent markets. That’s why organizations come to KRJ Consulting.

We work with executives to advance their leadership skills, help them successfully adjust to the changes that come with business growth, and improve the health of the company itself through tailored strategic consulting engagements.

We help your company become committed to improve performance, empowered to effect desired changes, and be prepared for the journey ahead.

Our Services

Our services are tailored to your company’s specific needs, and we give you the tools and knowledge you need to grow long after our engagement is done.


We deliver specialized modules for corporate growth and compliance on topics such as diversity & inclusion, train-the-trainer, and business owner boot camp.


We conduct single or consecutive sessions with executives and teams to advance leadership, entrepreneurial, and strategic management skills.


We’ll work with you to design and implement tailored engagements regarding organizational design, human capital management, and change management.

Our Expertise


We help business owners and executives communicate and motivate their teams towards success.


We help companies adjust operational frameworks and processes to meet changing conditions and realize efficiencies.


We help managers and leaders get out of the weeds by facilitating objective and comprehensive planning activities.


We help organizations identify and implement best practices to make strategic decisions and establish new processes.


We help businesses connect with new resources to access support, tap into expertise, and identify growth opportunities.


We help organizations with planning, outreach, and communications to successfully roll out new initiatives.

Where do I start?
“[The presentation] was EVERYTHING!…OMG!! She was awesome, down to earth, and still very professional…I can apply what I learned today at work, home at church etc…Again Karen is the Bomb! Thank you so much this experience I will remember forever!”
Angela D. Albergottie